Funny food

The new French work exchange student asked us what the national dish of Australia is. We answered that in the country it was probably still meat and three overcooked veg and in the city it was anything, thanks to the cosmopolitan tastes. Then we mentioned that the traditional response was the meat pie.

The next day, out comes a Choice study into the contents of meat pies. It concludes that they may contain any animal part (or no parts at all) other than a fetus, and that the animal be a camel, rabbit, sheep, deer, or a number of other four legged creatures. Sometimes, it’s better not to know what lies beneath the pastry.

There was (is still?) a time when the food of the city seemed to be Thai. Perhaps on the most poorly run of the Thai outlets in Australia will be serving some authentic Thai dishes.

Diner: “Waiter, there’s a fly in my Tom Yum Goong!”
Waiter: “Yes Sir, it is a delicacy.”

Yes, Asian tastes often differ from those of an Anglo-Saxon heritage (although I’m sure I saw steamed brain sandwiches in a old-fashioned cookbook!). Having diametrically opposite tastes to your Mother-in-law is usually considered normal. When it comes to food much of what she likes I would throw away, and vice versa. The flesh of the chicken, breasts and thighs, into the stock they go while she chews on the bones. We don’t throw the prawn heads away, we give them to her to suck on. Same with the fish heads! While on holidays once, she was horrified to see all the fish heads lying underwater beneath a jetty, discarded by fishermen as waste.

Now, pass the haggis please…

Update – 22:24

On the subject of disgusting foods, I happened to glance at Australian Survivor tonight. The challenge was to see who was the fastest at eat one raw pilchard, three raw squids and 16 fish eyes. Eeeewwww!

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