Friday at last

It’s been a strange week. My work project, a Web/Oracle database application for the request and approval of funding for overseas travel continues at a furious pace. My little Zaurus linux PDA has been invaluable. In the train, lying in a bed or even dining in a restaurant I can easily type a few more lines of PHP code, syntax highlighted thanks to tkc Editor, my first net purchase from the US.

I’m very much a burst worker – ideas float around in my subconcious for a while, seemingly unproductively before I can switch into a very focussed mode, during which I am highly productive at that project. During that focus time I will work until late at night, struggling to finish. This mode of workin is not much appreciated by organisations, who prefer consistent, linear progress.

I guess the reason for my burst work nature is that I am normally prone to distractions. I like to absorb information from lots of different sources, many unconnected with the task at hand, the information stored for later use.

When I am in my focussed mode, my brain will try to rebel against the strictures, tries to dream of other things. That’s good, because I can focus on the goal of finishing the project and freeing my mind again. To my hyperactive mind the world suddenly seems clearer, sense perceiving more.

Te help keep my creative part of the brain happy while I am working I like to listen to music, especially that from the movies. In the past week it feels as if the music has become clearer. I am again feeling the full emotional impact of the music as when I first bought the CD’s.

I have a strong urge right now to do maths problems. Part of it is probably a manifestation of my brain’s urge to think of things other than my project. Part is the stimulation of solving problems in my project. Watching all the students on the train starting a new academic year is also a trigger. Finally, the sight of mathematical notation in the SF novel I am reading, Paradox by John Meaney, reminds me that the best problem solving fun I ever had was working on mathematics.

Soon, I promise my brain, soon.

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