Doctor Who

I'm really enjoying Doctor Who at the moment. The last two episodes screened on ABC TV, 42 and Human Nature, have left B and I wanting more, more, more! Yes, B and I. She has been converted (I used a machine like that to create a cyberman… :)).

Sure the science is utter nonsense, but unlike your average science fiction show (I'm looking at you America) Doctor Who isn't earnest but simply escapist fun. It's so nice to have an adventure of 45 minutes in some parallel universe so far removed from our own. And thanks to our new PVR we can watch a high quality digital recording on the TV instead of crappy video (Saturday night is in-laws night – do you feel for me or what?).

Prior to watching today's episode I had my first opportunity to listen to Murray Gold's soundtrack to Doctor Who up loud, which is how it sounds best. I can't wait for a follow up soundtrack as there are some significant new themes in this series, such as one for Martha and another dramatic  theme used in 42.


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