Beauty in Suburbia

Every working day I wake up at 6:20am, leave the house at 7:03am (must be precise, we have got morning travel down to a fine art). It’s a 10 minute drive to the station, 40 minute train trip to the city. Then another 20 minutes to Epping, followed by a 17 minute walk to my workplace. At night, it’s the reverse.

That’s a lot of time spent travelling, much of it past ugly suburban houses (some are nice!) or through a tunnel. There is the occasional highlight, however. Like this:

On My Way to Work 1
On My Way to Work 3

It looks like tropical jungle, but in actual fact it’s a small creek that I cross on my walk to work. Actually, it’s more of a glorified stormwater drain, with the bush filled with weeds such as bamboo. However, a bushcare group have done a lot of work restoring the creek and it is the most pleasant part of my morning travels (apart from sitting next to my wife on the train).

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