An alarming day

Not a good day today, right from the very start. Woken up at 1am by the neighbour’s burglar alarm. The neighbours aren’t home, they’ve been away, supposedly in NorthAfrica and the Middle East, for months, so we just had to put up with it until it stopped itself after about 10 minutes. Kept flashing, even after we woke up. I’m pretty sure it was just a false alarm. Hope so. Still, I couldn’t get back to sleep until about 5am. There goes my energy for the day.

Then, the laptop decided it didn’t want to start up in the train. At one point I got it to boot into Windows, but then it started letting out terribly loud beeps for everyone to hear until I could power it down. It’s probably too much to hope that it will be fixed for Sunday.

All this fuss has meant that I have done very little work on my main project and the clock’s ticking. Wednesday already!

The highpoint of the day was reading Yahoo’s reasons for switching to PHP. If asked, I can now point to that to support my use of PHP at work.

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