A working city

There’s a flour mill I see out the window of the train on my way to work each day. I read yesterday that it is to be closed down and replaced with residences. It is one, if not the last, operating mill in inner Sydney.

The Arnotts biscuit factory has also been converted into a bowling alley, though the big Sao sign remains for now.

The Abbott Pharmaceuticals factory stands empty at Kurnell. The docks around Sydney Harbour are closed down and the waters become the sole domain of the rich resident and yacht owner.

Though I was trained in the esoteric studies of mathematics and spend my day working in a virtual world I mourn the passing of the tangible industry in Sydney. The factories and docks are replaced by souless houses and business that are devoted to the shuffling of papers. There are no interesting stories to be told there. I think that the wealthy complainents of industries that sullied their precious water views or spoiled their suburbs will end up regretting their selfishness eventually. I hope so, for I feel that this and other cities have lost something more than just their factories in the process.

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