Weddings and work

My youngest brother married on Saturday. The whole family came up and down for the wedding. We had to drive up to Belrose from Menai, which felt as long as an interstate flight! Unfortunately, the ceremony was a evangelical Christian service with a little wedding and a whole lot of God praising and crap Christian songs. As with my father's funeral, I was highly irritated by discounting human achievements and attributing everything to a god that I regard as non-existent. Oh well, as long as my brother enjoyed it – it was his and his wife's occasion.

The reception, at the Sebel Pier One, was quite flash and pretty good. Food was tasty, view wonderful, constant saxophone, electric guitars and 70's/early-80's songs mind-numbing. The elder of my two brothers placed himself as family representative and spoke about himself as usual. Thankfully the rest of us have moved on from him.

Sunday was lunch with the relatives at Northwood. That meant that we travelled to the north on both days of the weekend. Assuming that I work everyday this week it will mean going north 12 days in a row. I just want to stay in the Shire for a bit, like a good, unadventurous hobbit. Poor B did way too much driving. She was so good to my family. Love her!

Dropped the elder younger brother and his wife at the airport, then took a short, relaxing walk along Botany Bay. Saw my favourite Virgin Atlantic A340-600 take-off, then headed back home to catch up on the domestic chores.

Too tired to return to work, but what to do? Hoped to tidy up the CMS PHP code, but then our groups boss came along and suddenly we ain't using a CMS anymore. No, it's back to manual entry of HTML using everyone's favourite web tool: Microsoft FrontPage. Aaarrrghhh! Forget productivity, forget actually helping other people, because I'll be too busy retyping news 5 times, just like the old days. Aaaarrghhh again! The outbreak of manageitis at work is spreading.

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