Watch out China!

China Southern Airline flight departing from Sydney Airport Our normal Saturday sleep-in was disrupted by the need to take B's mother to the airport this morning. She, and two other aunties, were off to China for a tour of the Yunnan province. It took an hour to get them through check-in. Hopefully they were able to cope with transiting through China okay – look out China, because it's the blind leading the blind!

After paying the exorbitant $13 parking fee B and I drove down to Brighton le Sands for some breakfast by the bay. We then took a long stroll all the way to the north end of the beach and sat down amongst the rocks. There we watched the planes take-off from Sydney airport, until we saw the China Southern flight carrying B's mum take-off (photo on the right). Despite the grey clouds and wind it was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning.

On our way back home we decided to pop into the Miranda Westfield shopping centre and watch X-Men: the Last Stand at the cinema. Perfect timing, as we managed to arrive late enough to skip all the adverts. It has been ages since we were last in a cinema and X-Men 3 was quite enjoyable with its cast of excellent actors.

Spent a little time shopping as I've been trying to buy a Motorola v360 mobile phone, costing $99 dollars with Telstra Prepaid , but it seems to be out of stock at both Hurstville and Miranda. My current third-hand phone's battery is dying and it is very limited in functionality. The v360 seems to be a decent compromise between features (transflash card, camera, bluetooth) and price (I'm not paying $700 for a mobile!).

Came home and caught up on our stolen morning sleep by resting all afternoon. Couldn't be bothered cooking, so we drove around to Menai Metro to buy pizza. We were lucky to find parking and Trentini's restaurant was full. We ended up at the Thai place eating a very nice duck red curry. After a very busy work week it's so pleasant to have days like today where all you achieve is relaxation.

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