Views from the train

I have a new blog called Views from the Train. I'll be SMS'ing observations from my daily work commute on the train as well as any other time I have a mobile link but no internet access.

Telstra recently decreased their prepaid mobile credit expiry periods meaning that I'll have to recharge my credit more often than in the past. Considering my low and limited usage Telstra still stacks up okay against the other carriers, although 3 seems to have quite good deals. I like being able to post content on the web via SMS. This doesn't appear to be offered on the other networks, although there are probably third parties out there.

I'm thinking of getting a new phone, one with a camera, so that I can post photos. I like my wife's Motorola v1050 – large 320×240 pixel screen, expandable mini SD memory, dual cameras, seemingly no restrictions on playing mp3's loaded off the mini-SD card. I wouldn't mind bluetooth, or some other PC connectivity. Anyway, her phone is way too expensive, so I'll probably have to get something less capable, but cheaper.

Anyway, check out Views from the Train and see how boring my day is.

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