Today was a tour around the Tuscan/Chianti region of Italy. we joined a couch tour, departing Florence through the gate which is a remnant of the old city walls.

First stop was Siena, a medieval banking and university town (you can combine the two with a degree in "Banking Science") and rival of Florence. The renowned piazza sits at the centre of town. The cathedral was also well worth a visit. I shall let the photographs describe it further – once they are posted.

We then drove through the famous hills to the town of San Gimignano, known for its thirteen towers. We climbed the tallest of these (55 metres) for a stunning view of the Tuscan countryside – sunflowers, olives and red grapes.

Arrived back in Florence in time to buy a leather bag from the markets, before enjoying a two course meal of pasta and chicken. How Italians can eat such extended meals escapes me – primi patti is enough for me.

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