Trains in every country

I realised tonight that I have caught trains in every country that I have visited, with the exception of Thailand where we were just transiting. A few of the trains we have caught include:

  • Penang to Singapore (Malaysia/Singapore)
  • MRT (Singapore)
  • Taeri Gorge tourist train (New Zealand)
  • TGV (France)
  • Eurostar (UK/France)
  • AVE (Spain)
  • Golden Pass (Switzerland)
  • Shinkansen (Japan)
  • Various trains in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands
  • Metros in London, Paris, Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo and more.
  • The Overland (Australia)

I admit to being a train fan from way early childhood (blame genetics), but the fact is that, for a tourist, trains are a great way to travel. You see the countryside and often travel straight into the centre of town, unlike outlying airports. No difficulties in driving on the wrong side of the road or finding parking either. I'm looking forward to expanding that list! Maybe a Maglev in China!?!?!

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