Tokyo, not Paris

The special deal at the Flight Centre European Travel Expo was Sydney to Paris via Shanghai for $1586 with China Eastern Airlines. Almost the same price as our plan to visit Tokyo via Hong Kong (gateway for our China trip) with Cathay Pacific. The temptation! However, upon reading some of the passenger comments on China Eastern I think tht our holiday may be more pleasant if we stick with our original plans. I can cope with poor inflight entertainment, usually not a problem for me, but a pleasant, and well organised, flight does make the holiday that much better.

I wanted to book the flights today, but the STA travel agents were closed and the Flight Centre agents all at the travel expo. I would book online, but we need to book some special Cathay accommodation deals as well.

Bought myself another daypack for everyday use. It's an Osprey bag, but now I'm having second thoughts and am tempted to get the Pacsafe Daysafe bag. I am picky about my bags, because I use them daily and a bit paranoid while travelling. I want to keep my electronics safe in the bag and not have it slashed, but the price is expensive and I'm not certain how durable the fabric netting would be. My current Black Wolf bag has holes in the netting, broken straps and broken zips after a year of use.

I finally found a small bag to store my Sharp mini-notebook computer – the Eagle Creek Quarter Cube. The bubble wrap that I was using is now flat and I had noticed a few scratches to this handsome machine. 

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