Tibet Anger

I'm very angry and severely disappointed at the actions and words of the Chinese in Australia and the rest of the world who wish to crush those who criticise China. It's not that I hate China, because I don't, nor that I think that Tibet should be independent, because that is a complex issue with no simple solution. What I dislike so much is their hypocrisy, their unthinking acceptance of whatever they are told and their racist attitudes. In many ways they remind me a lot of those stupid, racist rioters at Cronulla. They deign to believe they speak for all those of Chinese ancestry and it's their way or the highway.

There is an unwritten law in Australia, in most western countries, that these pro-Chinese have broken. It is this: you may campaign publicly for greater rights, no matter how silly the cause, but not to restrict rights. The reason is because the street marches to restrict people's rights smells of fascism. That is better left for talkback radio. (Of course there are many decisions made by our government to restrict rights, just look at the criminal and security laws).

The pro-China groups do not speak for all Chinese. Chinese people, especially those outside of China, have many beliefs and opinions. I could use my wife as an example. I have often heard China state that Western countries have no right to interfere in their domestic politics, but they seem to have no problem interfering with groups such as the pro-Tibet lobby and the annoying Falun Gong in other countries.

If Chinese or any immigrants are going to live and study in Australia then they have to realise that people have a right to criticise China. They also have a right to provide arguments against those criticisms, but not to harass those they disagree with. Yes, some anti-China arguments have been racist, but criticism of China the country is not automatically racism. I am disappointed with people that campaign for issues based upon their race rather than for all races and people in this multicultural country. 

There is hypocrisy when it comes to China's arguments that Tibet has always been part of China and always should be. Once Tibet actually ruled a fair part of inland China, one of the reasons that there are so many Tibetans in places like Sichuan provence. At various times in their history the Tibetans have relied upon Chinese military support, sometimes accepted limited sovereignty by the Chinese, sometimes not. When the Chinese took military control of Tibet in the 1950's they did eliminate many Tibetan cultural practices that would be abhorrent in the eyes of modern western culture. They modernised the country, built roads and other infrastructure. 

But so did the British in Malaysia, India and many other countries. Would China argue that Britain should still run those countries? After all, there are many examples of locals "inviting" in the British to deal with issues in local politics. Western powers helped the Qing defeat the Taiping rebellion. Or was that "Western Cultural Imperialism"? I have heard that much of the resentment in Tibet stems from Han Chinese lording over local Tibetans, that the Han act as if they are genetically and culturally superior. That is racism.

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