The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Sheet Music

I actually purchased the Lord of the Rings music before the previously reviewed Star Wars Attack of the Clones album but didn’t get around to the review. What is it with movies nowadays that they need such lengthy titles?

Anyway, back to FOTR, as the movie shall henceforth be known. This collection is superior to the AOTC album with 6 all new songs, including both of Enya’s contributions. Apart from Many Meetings, the music selection are all songs with lyrics and with the exception of The Prophecy fairly light and gentle. Only the merest hints of the heroic themes or the dark battles. The music itself is amazingly simple – perhaps this is the difference between the sophistication of John Williams’ versus Howard Shore’s music. I am not familiar with much of the latter’s music and in the end it doesn’t matter, because the piano music to FOTR as presented in this album is beautiful.

Track Listing

  1. In Dreams
  2. The Prophecy
  3. Aniron
  4. Lament For Gandalf
  5. Many Meetings
  6. May It Be

I do not supply sheet music. Please do not ask!

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