Takayama and the farming village

Another day exploring Takayama. The crowd gathered in front of three of the floats hosting marionette performances. They were somewhat interesting, but I guess that an appreciation of Japanese culture and music may have helped. While waiting for the performances to begin we ate grilled fish on a stick and more hida beef kebabs, along with some local pineapple flavoured milk. We then wandered through the streets, stopping off at gallery and craft shops until we arrived at the Miyagawa morning market. We bought some delicious local apple slices, but the vendors had already begun packing up.

Ate tempura ramen from a very traditional looking restaurant. Shoes off and up the steep stairs to a tatami room, kneeling on the floor. More wandering, before returning to our hotel to recheck-in. We then caught a bus to the Hida Traditional Farmhouse Museum, morefascinating and beautiful than could be expected. Transplanted wooden houses, some of the straw-thatched Gassho-Zukuri style, mills, waterwheels and wharehouses around a pond. Beautiful setting and we would have stayed longer but it was closing time.

Delicious Japanese beef and chicken stews for dinner in a smokey bar. Another full day ends.

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