Sick in bed

Sometimes, when I am sick, I feel deliciously relaxed. It’s the kind of mood that allows you to watch the extended edition of Dances With Wolves and not get bored. Othertimes my head just feels all munged up, unable to concentrate on anything, and I get bored. Today was like that.

Thanks to my notebook computer, a wireless network, remote terminal services and a VPN I was able to log directly into my work PC as if I was in the office, only I was lying in bed

Finished rereading John Meaney‘s To Hold Infinity. I recently purchased another of his books, Resolution, and am planning to reread his preceeding books of the Nulapeiron trilogy first. He write of future networks and fractal spacetime topologies, triggers a longing to be doing mathematics again. I often wish that I could dip into the internet merely by thinking about it with accelerated mental powers. Imagine spam though!

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