Our second night in Tokyo and I am dreading our return to Australia. We haven’t left Shinjuku since arriving here from the airport about the Narita Express.

After staying mostly in basic 2 star hotels I hoped that we were in for a bit of luxury in Tokyo. We don’t generally need or use the facilities, but it’s nice to be pampered now and then.

My first impression of the room was, “this looks very tired”. Then I looked out the window. The Shinjuku Prince Hotel could do with some renovation – the TV looks like it should have died years ago. It all works though, and from the 22nd floor we have a great view over the skyscrapers of West Shinjuku and of the trains as they rattle through the world’s busiest station.

The toilet has lots of buttons too! A seat warmer, arse washer and more. Very nice and perhaps it uses less water than in the manufacture of the toilet paper. Want one for home.

We spent today shopping in Shinjuku. There seem to be an infinite number of department stores. B spent a few hours getting a Japanese haircut and style. I spent the time wandering around the computer stores, dreaming. The computers here look so good!

Returned to the little noodle stall that we found last visit here. The tempura soba was delicious, but I wonder if it’s in a guidebook now, because other foreigners also seemed to drop by. The owner wasn’t as fascinated by the gaijin diner (me) this time.

I think it would be possible to stay in Shinjuku a week and not get bored. The nightlights are so beautiful.

A lot to say and talk about, but I’m too tired to write it down. Hopefully see Nikko tomorrow.

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