Scattered mail

Bit angry tonight. Came back home to find some of our mail scattered on the ground for the second night in a row. It looks like somebody is messing with out letterbox. Identity or cash thieves? The same idiot young guys who throw their rubbish all over the street and our garden? It's a violation of our property. I'm going to look at replacing the lock on the letterbox.

Also a bit tired tonight. I was up late the other night trying to get SoundFlow working on the Vaio Type M computer we brought back from Japan in 2005. SoundFlow automatically plays music when you fold the keyboard up, also displaying a clock and animation. It's rather cool and can be controlled with the remote, making it useful for those time I just want to lie back and listen to music.

SoundFlow was preinstalled on the computer but was not available on the new English Windows partition. I copied over the SoundFlow directory to the English Windows partition, but no luck as no graphics appeared. You need to also copy the all UsersApplication DataSonySoundFlow directory to the corresponding English partition.

The next step is to get SoundFlow playing mp3's and other music on the system. I read somewhere else that you need to use SonicStage, but my copy is in Japanese, so I'm still waiting to get that part running. 

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