Rocky is not cool

Two days up here in Central Queensland and I’ve had enough. So hot and sticky! It nice seeing my family again and I enjoyed the ride on the world’s only operational Purrey Steam Tram, but everything else is just so difficult. The computers don’t work properly and being stuck on 56K is painful. Lucky I brought a Lindows Demo CD and found the old external modem, otherwise it would be worse. I have to clean up my sister’s PC which is full of spyware and likely viruses as well. Uggh!

Many places I can visit on holiday and feel right at home, as if I was meant to be there. This place is the opposite. When I see the red clay soil, the long grass, the bush I recall how much I loathe the area. I feel like I want to escape all over again. CQ is just not my home. I don’t belong here.

Hopefully we will make it to Great Keppel Island tomorrow. Swimming pools, white sands and cheeky possums. Looking forward to the botanic gardens as well. It would be good if I could support this area, but having fought so hard to resist its mind deadening nature, it’s still very painful to return.

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