Rice crackers and dolls

It was lost in Asakusa this morning. I couldn’t get my bearings and ended up walking in circles. Maybe it was the featureless grey sky.

We visited the pottery and cooking supply shops along Kappabashi-dori and bought rice crackers outside of the Senso-ji temple complex district. Then we caught the subway to Asakusabashi station and looked at the doll and miniature samurai armour displays at the local shops. Too expensive!

Harajuku was next, a trip to Oriental Bazaar to purchase souveniers for family. B had her hair cut at Fizzi, the same place as in 2003. No open wireless access or Japanese/English lessons this time. Wandered around Harajuku with a headache. The shop below Fizzi sells model railway goods. It’s amazing how cheap Japanese N-gauge rollingstock is.

Had zaru-soba, yaki-tori and sushi for dinner tonight. Still don’t know where we are going tomorrow.

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