Post -holiday Blues

Feel utterly exhausted after our three week holiday. No sympathy? Jet lag, two ten hour night flights separated by a 10 hour stopover (i.e. very little sleep), back to work the day after we came back and now I have a cold. Yet I find myself dreaming about another holiday! In part I fantasise about Paris again, Melbourne (the most European of Australian cities, and only an hour’s flight away), or just escaping to some deserted beach area to feel sand under my toes and the wind in my hair.

Woke up this morning and couldn’t get my wedding out of my head (hence the Paris holiday fantasy). Maybe it’s the exhausted serenity I feel, as I did on the day after the wedding. It hurts not to be able to go back and relive the event. I can’t think of anything that would top that day, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I wish that, as with the day after the wedding, I could feel relief that everything was over for a while and that I could relax. Unfortunately, I have my astronomy course to do. I’ve slipped badly behind during my trip; having to do late hours of work-work pushed me behind before I even departed. Now I don’t feel like I have the energy to continue for now. I feel ashamed that my work is not up to the standards I’m capable of, and as such I’m tempted to explore deferment until next year.

Then again, maybe I won’t. So I had better go back to reading those notes for now.

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