Only two more sleeps to holiday

As usual it's near panic stations as we rapidly approach our trip to Hong Kong, China and Japan. You would think that we have it all down pat by now, but each time we decide to do things just that much differently. It is partly due to the destination; we may need to be more independent in China than Japan or Europe, security concerns also differ between locations. Our holiday strategies also evolve. This time we are trying to travel lighter. Yet travelling lighter involves purchasing a new backpack, lighter, faster drying clothes. Independence and rougher conditions mean travel towels, inner sheets, TraveLAN medicine to guard against illness, a Swiss Army knife for situations that scream for multifunction gadgets. 

I've been busy with last minute household chores, purchases, going to the doctor (it's all good), ripping music and movies into formats suitable for travel and searching for plugs, locks, cables and all the other bits and pieces that go in the luggage. In the meantime I've barely been at work, having been kicked out of the office due to safety worries again.

I'm tired and I appear to be sick, just before we are leaving. It has reminded me of how important leisure time is. The pleasure of sitting down and watching TV or reading a novel. I overdosed on travel books the other week and needed to read a decent science fiction story.

There has been fun as well. Last Sunday we took Kita and the in-laws' two cavalier king charles spaniels down to the beach at Kurnell. Kita took one look at the water and ran straight in. He loved it! We are going to miss him so much while we are on holidays.

Now, time to mow the lawn, wash to fish tank etc, etc, etc… 


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