Not a good day

It was not a good day. Firstly, it was a bad day to walk around the city, where it reached 39 degrees celcius. Then I went to my former workplace. Might the possibility of some work a little later on, had a talk to the webmaster of some other divisions. My previous supervisor looked a little unhappy to see me (then again, maybe she was just busy. Can be moody sometimes). I had a chat with the guy who got my old job and I wonder why they didn’t want me back. I really wish they would be honest with me. The new bloke seems nice enough and has good skills in his own way. Skills that seem better suited for the jobs out there then mine are. But I know far more about the programming languages used at the ATNF then he does. In fact, apart from Java, I don’t know what makes him better for the job than me. I don’t even know if he’ll get time to use his java skills.

Oh well, no use crying over now. I still miss my job though. It’s hard when you give it everything and they show no loyalty to you in return.

That wasn’t the worst of it though. I was on my way home (late) when my brother called to tell me that Dad might be on his last legs.

It was not a good day.

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