Merry Christmas for 2006

Christmas 2006 has been and gone. We cooked up a roast chicken and mee siam (noodles) lunch for B's family, plus friend from Malaysia and two dogs and ate the leftovers with my brother Jon and his wife Helen for dinner. Absolutely exhausted now, but it was fun to share Christmas with family.

After lunch I stepped outside to the front of the house and was astounded by the silence. No traffic noise! Usually in Sydney there is a background sound of traffic along the roads, even in the middle of the night, a auditory blurring together of engines and tyres. Lunch on Christmas day is the only time when that blur disappears. I miss that silence and find that the background traffic sounds are a constant annoyance that I wish that I could escape from.

Love the DVD's I received from B: Double the Fist Vols 1 & 2 and Team America: World Peace. Looking forward to reading First Pass Under Heaven about a trip along the Great Wall of China. B's already reading her present from the dog Marley & Me. Kita the Puppy spent a long time playing with his toy: a long rope with plastic sausages. He even partially unwrapped it himself thanks to the Schmackos hidden inside!

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