LIFE to be decommissioned

Australia's first website was, later moved to when the maintainer David Green shifted from the Australian National University to Charles Sturt University (he is now at Monash University). A notice on the Life site states that the server is about to be decommissioned.

Professor Green gave me my start on the web in 1993 when I was a student in his bioinformatics class at ANU. One of our assignments was creating a basic web page. HTML was a very limited language at that time, while the only graphical browser was Mosaic. It was a simple project in a subject structured around mathematics and complexity theory as applied to biology, but it was a revelation to this internet obsessed individual which eventually set me on a career in web development.

Below is a copy of the LIFE server's history: 

The LIFE server is Australia's first information service on the World Wide Web.

LIFE began in October 1992 when Professor David Green set up the service at the Australian National University, Canberra. Initially it operated on a SUN Sparc 2 workstation in the Bioinformatics Laboratory of the Research School of Biology Science.

Many world firsts followed, including on-line services for biodiversity, complexity, education, molecular biology, and medicine. By mid-1993, it was one of just ten servers worldwide listed as Web starting points on NCSA's browser MOSAIC (the forerunner of Netscape).

The "LIFE Page" has always been primarily an information service, especially on biology and the environment. A hallmark of the service is that users can dive straight into useful information very quickly. It is not an institutional server.

In October 1994, the LIFE service moved from ANU in Canberra to Charles Sturt University's Albury campus when Professor Green took up the chair of Information Technology in CSU's School of Environmental and Information Sciences.

Over the next three years some of the principal services, such as the Register of Australian Web servers, were steadily upgraded and new services were added. The entire service underwent a major overhaul in 1997.

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