Kita We finally brought our puppy home tonight. His name is Kita, Japanese for North and Finnish for jaw or maw, combining both his Finnish Lapphund and Japanese Spitz heritage. He was a very popular exhibit in the Hurstville pet shop and I think many were sad to see him go. The whole ride home he was very active, trying to poke his head over the edge of the box. Only belly rubs calmed him down.

Kita seemed delighted with his first trip outside, bouncing around like the puppy he is. Unfortunately, he didn't do his business, so I expect to see some deposits on the bathroom floor. Hopefully he'll use his special pad, but who knows? He did seem to like his bed, almost as much as my lap. Hopefully he won't feel too bad about his first night in his new home. At least we have a few days at home to watch over him.

Looking forward to taking Kita to Puppy Preschool and socialising him. So much to think about, but I hope we'll end up with a happy and well behaved dog and have a lot of fun in the process.

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