Just a few more hours…

Just a few hours left before we go. Overcast outside (what happened to the brilliant sunny weather?). Hopefully we will still get a smooth flight, although the weather map gives me a few causes for worry.

I was planning to start off in a relaxed fashion and complete all the packing early. Unfortunately, lots of things got in the way while the clock kept ticking. So I’ve had a lot less sleep lately than I should have. One of my major activities has been configuring the Zaurus C3100 that I finally received last week. Customs couldn’t find the invoice (at the back of the package) and the Australia Post courier forgot to put my name on the custom envelope. Something that should have taken a week ended up taking almost 3.

I’ve got internet access working via wireless, USB Ethernet and modem, though I am not certain if the VPN is setup correctly. Still more stuff to install, maybe need to wait until I have hotel connectivity. More details when I get a chance.

Apart from the Zaurus, I’ve been busy making copies of important documents, summarising the itinerary, making certain I have online access to the important details, so that I won’t forget them this time. I’ve been compressing music to play on my multiple players during the trip (Zaurii, MP3 players, CD player).

I hope we’ve remembered everything. It never works out entirely as planned, but as long as we have fun I’ll be satisfied.

Here’s hoping for a safe, smooth flight!

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