Ideas for future Amazing Races

While we are on the subject of the Amazing Race I’ve come up with a couple ideas for future series…

The Pimp and his Ho

The Amazing Race has featured a wide array of different couples, so why not the Pimp and his Ho? No taxies for the Pimp – he only travels in stretched limos. Stripped of all his possessions and cash at a non-elimination pitstop the Pimp can still rake in the replacement dough by doing his job and pimping his ho. He’s travelling the world and firming up his suppliers. When they were finally eliminated the Ho was asked what she thought she’d got out of the adventure. She replied "gonorrhea, syphilis, and a host of other diseases I don’t know what they called."

Amazing Race Sydney

In this leg of the race contestants must make their way up from the airport to the Blue Mountains using their own choice of transport.

Team 1 catches a taxi, but are delayed in the traffic and run out of funds 10 kilometres into the trip.

Team 2 catches a train, but part way into the trip are told that the indicator board was wrong and they are now heading down to Wollongong. They want to change trains at the next stop, but the train breaks down and they are stranded.

C’mon Jerry, I’m waiting for your call! 

Team 3 hires a car, but are squander the last of their fees on tolls.

Team 4 walks and still makes it to the pitstop first. 

Amazing Race Iraq

Their task – endear themselves to the locals. Obnoxious americans, locals with AK47’s. Need I say more? 

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