How to rid ourselves of the scientist scourge!

Monday night’s edition of Rewind on ABC TV featured the story of Ruby Payne-Scott, the world’s first radio astronomer. Payne-Scott was forced to leave the CSIRO when it was discovered that she was married, as was the rule in the 1950’s with that organisation.

This should be an inspiration for creationists (and I’m not one of them). All science organisations should have the rule that, once you have children (and this applies equally to fathers and mothers) you should be forced to leave the service. The effects of such a rule will be that either a) the scientist stops practicing science; or b) the scientist can’t breed other scientists, because we know how much scientists love their work. Hence, I predict that the desire to do science would be bred out of the human race and we will be left with nobody to doubt creationism. Evolution in action!

Errr… wait… does that make sense? 🙂

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