Hot dogs and temptation

As we drove back along the F6 on Saturday under clear blue skies we realised that it had been over a year since we had gone on a decent length road trip in the country. That morning we had taken Kita to Hanrob for his weekly obedience lessons. He still has a bit to learn, but we are so glad that his personality is so very different to the rottweilers and staffies that were also at the class.

It was too nice a day to waste indoors so we continued on to Stanwell Tops and ate the famous hot dogs while gazing down the cliffs at the Pacific Ocean. There were no hang gliders that day, but the view is stunning.

Took a wrong turn on the way back and ended up driving southwards for quite a distance before we found a turn-off back to Sydney. I miss the long drives through the country.

Jetstar has a sale on at the moment and I just could not resist. I thought of flying to Ho Chi Min City first up, but it's extremely humid and I don't fancy a week there, especially after our China experiences. Some of the other destinations I couldn't find availability for. Similarly for Australia. Sometimes catching a local flight isn't cost-effective when you calculate the fare to the airport, accommodation and other expenses.

In the end I booked us a week in Osaka to celebrate our wedding anniversary, $1000 for two people. Yes, back to Japan again. I know I can get cheap accommodation, transportation is easy and there should be few hassles. Hopefully we can visit Kyoto, onsens and some other parts we have missed before.

The problem is that it is recommended that B get a visa, making surprising her difficult. Maybe the consulate can help out. Also, if B is pregnant, perhaps there will be problems in flying out then. Still, we can rebook and pay the normal price plus a small fee. It's another reason for choosing Japan – not so many health risks for young children as with Vietnam or Thailand.

Anyway, I'm excited and have something to look forward to now. I saw a Jetstar A330-200 fly overhead today and it will be interesting travelling on one. Probably have to buy our own food, though I did book a Dig-e-player for B. Also have to travel lighter this time! I hope we have as good a time as our last trip to Osaka.

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