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It’s the weekend, it’s hot and humid and I have work to do. In some ways I don’t mind spending a weekend developing web applications, but it is very difficult to concentrate when the air is so warm and sticky. Like a silicon chip, my mind runs so slowly in this weather, in contrast to the cooler, less humid southern climes where it feels at least twice as fast.

There are so many other distractions around as well, housework to be done and normal life to be lived in our house. I felt like packing the more portable of our computers into the car and heading off to stay in a hotel or motel, preferably with airconditioning and a pleasant view of mountains or the ocean. Somewhere inspiring, yet relaxing.

I often get more work done in the two hour train ride to work than in two hours in my office. Likewise, all nighters can be far more productive than all dayers. On trains, hotels or in the middle of the night there are so few distractions. No emails or telephone calls demanding your attention, usually just the music over my stereo.. Programming, writing, so many activities, require focus. You need to get into the "zone", yet this fact seems to be ignored in the workplace.

I hope the night brings cooler weather, for I doubt I’ll be getting sleep.

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