Going Home – Melbourne Memories

I love returning to the city of my birth and this year’s Easter trip was no different. Beatrice and I spent a very happy four and a half days in elegant Melbourne dining, shopping and exploring.

The Yarra

Compared with Sydney, Melbourne is relatively cheap and accessible. Tickets can be used on all modes of transport and the trams making travelling across the city very easy. It was fun to walk through Melbourne’s arcades and alleyways, discovering the eateries and boutiques. Sydney’s centre seems to consist mainly of chain stores or shops aimed at the rich, but Melbourne encompasses the middle ground as well. It appears to benefit from the close proximity of universities to the city centre leading to a diverse range of inner city inhabitants.

On our way to visit an old primary school friend of mine, we stopped off at my old Melbourne house. It was still inhabited by the couple who purchased it from my parents and they were delighted to give us a guided tour. Despite the many renovations they had made to the house, what struck me most was the difference in perspective that has come with age. It all appeared so much smaller than when I lived there. I was shocked to realise the duplex we live in now is larger.

Quite sad to return to Sydney after the trip. After 6 years of living here, I’m still trying to love Sydney…

My Old House

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