Geneva – Paris

Back in Paris almost 3 years after our honeymoon here. Did pretty much the same thing as our first day. Walked up to the Montmarte, unsuccessfully shopped for curtain fabric, then shopped ("looked") at Galeries Lafayette and Printemps as they were open until late today.

The previous day’s Golden Panorama ride was wonderfully scenic. Lakes, forests, mountains and tiny villages. Interlaken, where we stopped for a couple of hours, was pleasant, but rather touristy. I did enjoy looking around the model railway shop.

We spent last night in Geneva. Switzerland has a reputation as a safe place, but of all the areas we have visited so far, I felt the most nervous there. I think we saw a theft and there were druggies hanging around near the hotel.

Got up early to look around. Seemed quite nice, although the signs and shop windows hinted at more wealthy clientele than us.

The TGV ride to Paris was quite exciting when it got up to full speed. The stretches along the Rhone were especially beautiful. The customs checkpoint at Geneva Station was the first we had run into since we left the airport.

The Eurail pass runs out tomorrow. Maybe we will go to Versaille, maybe just stay in Paris. We’ll see how we feel!

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