Friday in the Oven

Friday. It’s hot. Even at night. I don’t feel like roasting in the combined natural and computer generated heat so I’ll keep this short.

Had a nice little walk with B this evening up to the shops (Maccas) to get an ice cream. It’s perfect weather for taking a Summer Walk. Cooler out there than in here.

Had all sorts of trouble trying to swap the webserver at work from Apache 1.3.26 to Apache 1.3.27 with mod_auth_ldap. Turns out that much of the problem was in the httpd.conf file where we were restricting things a bit too much. More news on that another time (give me some time to recover – it’s Friday!).

I’ve been trying to do a little planning for our upcoming trip to New Zealand. The Golden Chain motels website lists their motels and allows secure online booking. We bought vouchers for all of our nights in NZ, but need to book our first night in Christchurch as we will arrive quite late.

Also thinking about purchasing a prepaid SIM card for the mobile. Global roaming is so expensive unless you are a NZ Vodafone customer coming to Australia. Wrong direction for us. We’ll on be over there for 6 nights, but when you are driving around, a mobile can come in handy for things like booking accommodation and emergencies.

Now what I need is a way to cheaply connect my Sharp Zaurus to the Internet while I’m in NZ. That, plus another compact flash card to store the photos.

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