Flight from Singapore to London

I can’t say that my first long distance flight with British Airways has been particularly pleasant. The air has been kept too hot, especially closer to Singapore. I found myself perspiringin the cabin. Furthermore, there are no directional air vents, only a single powerless hole pointing straight down at the midle of the three seats.

The IFE seems reasonable, but I haven’t been watching any movies. Only the premium economy seats (Worldtraveller plus) are equipped with the removable telephone/control handsets that are provided on every individual Qantas economy seats. As a consequence normal economy passengers can’t play the poor selection of games on offer.

Worldtraveller Plus passengers also take up the forward and sections of the cabin, so we were relegated to seven rows behind the wing. Unfortunately, it has been an extremely bumpy ride. It’s as if there are storm stretching from Singapore to Turkey. Just to reiterate, I hate turbulence.

At least the food was decent.

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