Feels like Summer (except that it’s cool)

Despite this being the middle of Winter here in Australia, I could almost convince myself it was Summer. I think it’s the unusually low humidity and the clear skies. Sydney is normally too humid for my liking – I prefer the inland dry air. I find the low humidity seems to clear the mind and give a feeling of positive anticipation. Oh, and lot’s of static electricity!

This feeling of Summer come early was heightened by the lack of cars on the road this morning. Epping Road was unbelievably quiet for 9am. Must be because of school holidays, but it’s certainly very pleasant. I find constant traffic noise irritating, although I don’t mind the odd sound of a racing car on a country highway.

Yep, must be the middle of Winter, because I am dreaming of Summer. One of the things I really enjoyed about Canberra was that it had four seasons. So Winter there was horrible and depressing. That made Spring all the more special. When it was sunny and up to 14C I was out celebrating (in shorts – but I wore them all year round).

Summer was very hot and dry. It was also quiet, especially around February when school was in, but university still on holidays. A very relaxed season, perfect for watching cricket on the TV. Even Autumn wasn’t too bad, with Canberra’s deciduous plantings turning the city into a riot of red, yellow and green colours.

Sydney only has two real seasons: stinking humidity season and cooler season. Now I’m stuck here for the forseeable future I’ll have to ensure I travel to enjoy the four seasons elsewhere. A few years ago I was so disappointed by the lack of a proper Summer in Sydney that I journeyed to Melbourne (that’s South!) for three days to enjoy 35C+ dry heat. If I don’t get my Summer, I don’t feel that I’ve had a proper year.

For now, I’ll just have to keep dreaming!

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