Fastest wireless link

It's been another very busy week at work. The highlight was the unveiling of a 6 GB/s wireless link demonstration, currently the fastest in the world, at my workplace. I had only a peripheral role – helping to clean up the mess and directing traffic, but my colleagues were kept very, very busy. The demo is quite impressive, with a wall of 16 LCD screens displaying pictures streamed wirelessly from a number of DVD players and video cameras. Apparently, the electronic equipment in the demo room, which also houses a number of other computer demonstrations, generated so much heat that it caused the computers in an adjacent server room to shutdown once the building airconditioning was switched off.

While my colleagues fretted over setting up the demonstration event (invited guests only) I have been busy extending and refining a staff resume entry and storage web application (PHP, MySQL). Every day there seem to be more changes, big and small. At least this time the application has been tested by real users before the general release.

The only other highlight was watching the Borat movie last weekend. It was the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. No idea why the Kazakhs were so concerned about their image being tarnished by the movie: the Americans come off looking far, far worse.

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