Dreamers, thinkers and those who care…

Only one more week of studies to go, two projects to complete. I’m not sure if that’s reassuring or not. I still enjoy the astronomy course, but I’m so exhausted right now that I barely have the energy to finish it off. Compounding that is that they still haven’t confirmed that my job is safe for another year. Originally my superiors were talking of an indefinite contract, but in the recent planning meeting they announced that they were trying for one year. I want to be able to plan my life for longer than that! How are we supposed to think of kids if I don’t even know if I’ll have a job? Plus there is the stress of always having to perform at my peak and make myself so indenspensible that they can’t let me go. Not that I’m certain that technical skills are really appreciated so highly by those who don’t have personal experience in the area.

Supposedly unemployment is at an all-time low, so theoretically I should have so much difficulty getting a job in the private sector. However, that often means working in the mind-numbingly meaningless corporate world. If there’s one thing that the astronomy course has reminded me of, it’s that I love exploring science. And reading all the corporate communications bullshit from my employer reminds me of how much I hate the inanity of business speak. Championing value propositions indeed. What kind of crap is that?

I wonder if it’s any better overseas. We visited the Flight Centre European Travel Expo in Darling Harbour today. It was mostly tour packages, which aren’t really of interest to us. We did pretty well on our last trip by showing ourselves around! We both agreed that we probably couldn’t code with another European trip so soon, although there is a strong temptation to continue on to Europe from the brother-in-law’s wedding in Singapore late next year.

Listening to Howard Shore’s music to Lord of the Rings and playing it on the keyboard has brought back beautiful memories of our trip around New Zealand’s South Island. I would love to return to there right now, to lose myself in the solitude and slow pace of the mountains, rivers and secluded beaches. Then the music reminds me of the last sad days of the end of my previous job.

Somewhere in this world there must be room for dreamers, thinkers and those who care…

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