Can't keep secrets from my wife. There goes the surprise, but oh well, so long as she's got a smile on her face I don't mind. That'll teach me not to clear my browser history and log out properly!

It feels good to be playing the keyboard on a Friday night. Letting my fingers loose on Jurassic Park returns the feelings of awe I shared with Sam Neill's character onscreen when I first saw the dinosaurs brought back to life via the magic of cinema and computers. I was "forced" in 1993 to watch the movie after a reporter from the Canberra Times asked what I thought of the "chaotician" (Jeff Goldblum) in the movie. I was interviewed about a talk on chaos I was giving to members of the CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club.

The theme from Jurassic Park was also the music I asked our harpist to play during the first kiss at our wedding. Quirky choice, I know, but I felt it captured the joy and excitement of the moment.

Some time afterwards I flew down to Melbourne for the night to hear the MSO under Rumon Gamba play the Jurassic Park theme, and other music by John Williams, in concert. Music does strange things to me.

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