Dinosaurs and Houses

Arrived home yesterday to find the power off. A quick look in our meter box showed that our electricity had been disconnected. Our neighbour hadn’t paid her bills (a very sad story) and they had disconnected us by mistake. Further investigation lead us to discover that the electricity provider had the meter listed on our account. Then we discovered the same thing for the water supplier.

After explaining the problem, our electricity was restored about 9pm last night. Just after we had bought the KFC (yuck, grease) for our starving stomachs. Our house was dark, one torch, a few candles but no matches (dumb). The main source of light was the laptop and Zaurus PDA. Lucky they run on batteries, as does my Discman so that I could listen in to the cricket.

We had a day off work today to take the car in for a service. While waiting for it to be repaired and in need of reassurance that we were indeed living in the right side of the duplex, we caught a train to the city to check with the Land and Property Information office. Comparing our land title with the map we could see we were right and that the neighbour couldn’t sell the house from under us. A trip to the Sutherland council confirmed our street address. It’s all the builder’s fault from before we moved in.

While we were in the city we took the opportunity to visit the Chinese Dinosaurs exhibition at the Australian Museum. While there are some pretty huge dinosaur skeletons on display, the highlight for me were the displays of the feathered theropods. The fuzzy feathered velociraptor reconstruction was much scarier than its counterparts in Jurassic Park. Pity the exhibition closes on Sunday.

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