Decision made: Japan

It’s decided – twelve nights in Japan. It was a real struggle to book the tickets last night. Qantas’ frequent flyer online awards booking system appeared to be having difficulties. I ended up calling them at around 2am. They waived the additional points penalty due to the technical problems.

Both flights are via Cairns on Boeing 767-300‘s, arriving at Osaka Kansai and departing via Tokyo Narita. The Cairns to Osaka leg is with Australian Airlines, the first time we have flown with them (discounting their previous Australian domestic existence). No individual entertainment systems on the 767’s, but I can usually amuse myself and B often sleeps during the flights.

Had we wished to go next week there were some Japan Airways flights remaining for Qantas Frequent Flyers, which would have been on 747’s with IFE’s. From other people’s comments  JAL keep their planes very warm and their seats are small. I fear airsickness! On the way back the JAL flights end in Brisbane (the Sydney run in JALways – uses cheaper labour). Brisbane to Sydney traffic must be busy with the school holidays, because we would then have needed to transfer to a turboprop to Canberra and then on to Sydney. I think I’ll stick with the 767’s for now, though one of those new Airbus 330’s flying between Australia and China would have been nice.

Now we have to handle the land side of the trip. Back to those accommodation websites!

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