Darned cold

I'm really sick of being sick. This winter is awful! And due to my workload I end up working from bed when I should be resting. At least I have an enforced rest in a couple of days: a cheap Jetstar flight up to the Gold Coast. Hopefully the two of us will be well enough to enjoy some watersports at the theme parks. I think that I'm also going to enjoy a lack of net access.

While we are on holiday our Mazda 3 will be in at the doctor's for some bodywork. We got rear-ended a week ago at Taren Point Road. There was an almighty bang and heavy force from the rear, but the visible damage was surprisingly minor. Apparently much of the force is absorbed in the bumper assembly, so there is probably some work to do there.

I'm not looking forward to a few early mornings catching the bus from Menai to the station. Very tempted to spend Wednesday in a hotel in preparation for our early flight out. Difficult to justify the price though. 

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