Cherry Blossoms – Nara

Today we were off to Nara, the old capital of Japan.Despite being a separate city to Osaka our train was the equivalent of a suburban route.

Nara was gorgeous. We walked around the numerous temples and shrines and through Nara-koen (park), finishing up at the world’s biggest wooden building in the Todaji temple complex. It houses giant buddha and kannon statues.

As soon as we purchased some of the special biscuits from a vendor we were set upon by the deer that live around the temples and parks. The tried to eat my pants, B’s coat and even the map of Nara!

We ended our tour of Nara wandering through the old houses of the Naramachi district before catching a train back to Osaka.

The real highlight of Nara were not the temples, wildlife or old buildings. It was the cherry blossoms. I now understand why the Japanese worship them so. They are graceful and delicate, a snow of petals falling to the ground. Beautiful.

Back in Osaka, we left the train at Osaka Station to explore the Kita district. I discovered a Yodobashi Camera store and couldn’t help but start admiring the computers again. B purchased a pair of glasses in the adjacent Comme Ca store. Neither of us could believe that they could make up the lenses in an hour, based upon measurements from her existing pair.

While the glasses were being made we walked to the Umeda Sky Building. Underground the adjacent complex is a reconstruction of old Japanese streets and eateries. Had the most delicious yakisoba and okonomiyaki ever. The chef, who was cooking it in front of us, was very friendly and gave us our pair of metal scrapers as souveniers.

We then cross to the tower proper and caught the glass elevator and glass enclosed escalator up to the Sky Garden Observatory.Beautiful view of Osaka at night, just a pity we didn’t have time to admire it.

Finally collected the glasses and returned back to the hotel after a wonderful day.

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