Changi 2

Changi airport has free ethernet access as well! Wish I had known earlier.

Summary of Singapore…

Friday: Wandered around Little India, gaudily decorated in preparation for the Deepavali festival. Little India presented a real and somewhat grungy side of Singapore that was missing from the sanitised, touristy Chinatown.

Clarke Quay was quiet, obviously alive only at night. Then on to Orchard Road, where the European fashion chains provided higher quality that the disappointing local options.

Dinner was a Lau Pa Sat with B’s brother and sister-in-law. Delicious chilli crab, fish and 18 sticks of Satay.

Back to Takashimaya for a B’s brother (*yawn*).

Up at 3am to pick up B’s Mum from the airport. Amazingly, the Victoria Road food court was more alive than at any other hour.

Greeted relatives, had a swim in the pool and finally B’s brother’s wedding reception. More catnonese wedding food. Wish they had made use of the local specialities.

To bed and sleep!

Today: More relatives and friends. Visited the Singapore Concert Centre (big Durian!). Wet, wet, wet! Last minutes shopping, more great food and now the airport.

Time to go!


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