Censorware Stupidity

I read an amusing opinion piece entitled Nice look – but Vogue living plays hell with your sex life yesterday and emailed it to B, who doesn’t have web access at work. Soon afterwards I got a reply back that Mimesweeper had blocked the email due to an inappropriate phrase. Despite the fact that it contained sex four times along with G-spot once, these words did not trip the censorware. No, it was farting that stopped the email from getting through. Stupid!

The article itself was somewhat appropriate last night. Thought I’d help B by doing the ironing, but got kicked off the ironing board pretty quickly for poor ironmanship. At least I did a few clothes.

Think we’ll watch the second half of Dinotopia on TV tonight. Not a great production, but not quite as mindless as the lifestyle infotainment crap that I am usually forced to watch. Might as well make some good use out of the beanbag and comfy sofa.

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