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  • Better to read them on the web then chain mail

    Ha ha, very funny

  • Recognition

    Warning:Big soppy whinge coming up! On the corridor wall directly opposite my office door there hangs a large poster describing the pulsar catalogue now available on our website. The catalogue is a superb piece of work, Albert, George and Maryam did an excellent job putting together a very useful tool for our website. Astronomers around […]

  • and other changes

    Some pretty big changes to over the past couple of days. Firstly, the domain name has finally been set to point to Eventually I will migrate the scientific content across to the format, probably into Drupal itself. For now, the content can be reached via: The other, more noticable, […]

  • A Japanese Journey

    In September Blink and I will be off to Japan for eight nights. Hopefully some of the information here will be useful to others planning a trip to Japan.

  • Bacon, capsicum and chilli spaghetti

    Set the spaghetti cooking in a pot of boiling water. Finely cut the garlic, parsley and the chillis. Slice the capsicum and dice the bacon. Fry the bacon, then set aside. Drain the pot, the heat the oil on medium and gently fry the garlic, chilli and capsicum. Once the capsicum is soft remove it […]

  • Christchurch to Franz Joseph Glacier

    Our flight from Sydney was late arriving in at Christchurch and, due to understaffing, it took us an hour to organise the car hire. We did manage to hire a Vodafone SIM card for the mobile phone from the desk at the airport. It was quite late by the time we exited the airport. We […]