Can there be such a thing as too much peace and quiet? I think the answer might be yes. It's true that I can easily work without distraction in my new office, but the place is so dead that I think I'm going out of my mind. I miss the morning teas and lunches of Marsfield, chatting to my colleagues. Sure it could be distracting at times, but it also woke me up! I also miss facing out of a window instead of a corner. I like to focus my eyes outside frequently.

My work is also pretty uninteresting at the moment – how does renaming hundreds of image files sound to you? With the new "work planning" I feel unable to spend a bit of time fiddling, learning and "innovating". I don't even feel like writing PHP script at the moment.

I think I miss holiday planning. Need to find some new goals, something to look forward to. 

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