Avjgnon: Papal Palace and the Bridge

We arrived in Avignon mid-afternoon after an incredibly fast ride on Eurostar and the TGV. Our hotel is within the walls of the old town in a plane tree lined road. The whole old city is very beautiful, with narrow streets running between ancient appartment blocks.

We made our way up to the Papal Palace, a huge castle-like structure occupied by the Popes in the 13th Century. The interior is now somewhat sparse, but a few rooms and displays give the impression of a more magnificent past. An audioguide was included in the entrance fee.

Our ticket also included entry to Pont St Benezet, or the Bridge of Avignon. This partly collapsed bridge was built after Benezet had a religious vision. The chapel devoted to St Benezet sits on and under the bridge, which was a lifeline for trade with Avignon. The fierce (but now tamed) Rhone river damaged the bridge many times throughout its history.

The sky was dark by the time we returned to the hotel, after searching for food. We ate a 3 course meak for 19 Euro each at a small restaurant. The entry of terrine did not agree with B after I told her that it was goose gizzard and the eggplant side dish in the mains also was mostly uneaten. At least we tried something new! The desserts, fruits in cream and white chocolate mouse with raspberry sauce, were absolutely divine, capping off a very busy, yet relaxing, day.

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