About allrite’s Webworld

Allrite’s Webworld is a place for sharing web and science knowledge. I’ll also be writing about daily life, travels and whatever else takes my fancy. There are forums where you can ask questions about web related issues, such as PHP, usability. I’ll try to use my 10 years of web experience to help where I can. Others may also contribute. You can also chat online or leave comments on any article. Depending on interest, I may allow readers to also contribute articles.

Please sign up for an account if you want to post a question. It’s free and I won’t do anything else with the information. You can subscribe to be notified if an individual article is modified or somebody leaves a comment in a forum. ATNF people are especially welcome to join – hopefully I can still answer some questions from you!

I hope to build up a community here, so join in and have fun!

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