A week to go and some bad news

Only one week and a few hours to go until we should be flying off to Europe. I’m trying to finish two essays and do my normal coursework for my astronomy studies, as well as complete an application for the new director, entertain future-in-law-in-laws (that was last week) and finish last minute preparations for the trip. Wonder if I’ll keep my job when I get back – my six month contract won’t have that long to run.

At 4 am this morning I woke up from a dream. I had been dreaming about my father, who is in a nursing home with Alzheimers, passing away. Well, tonight my Mum called to say that my father’s condition is very poor and he might not even last the night. No, I don’t believe in the supernatural or deities. It wouldn’t be that hard to believe in a universal bastard, however.

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